Description of Weapons

WEAPON®, Incorporated®

Chris Dwaine Christensen *Entity Number 10115163®* Also DBA: Majestone® & Christ Michael® Copyright© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen® Independent Spirit Mortal Absolute Creator-Creature Enemy & Tracking Elimination Person® *<LYNXSTAR® Writer Software Applications Programming Company Owner, Author, Inventor, Copyright Owner, Patent Owner Chris Dwaine Christensen-Majestone-Weapon-Christ Michael-Zepitron *62-008100>

DPXZA008® -

Departiclizer® Enemy Disintegration & Absolute Eliminations Device *Invented, Created, Owned & Operated by Chris Dwaine Christensen *62-008100®, Incorporated®


Majestone Integrated Communications Remote Operated Concentric Kinetic Body Band - Tracking & Enemy Eliminations Device®, Incorporated®


Majestone MajiCloud Sky Based SKYGUNS® Supreme & Ultimate Weapons Systems®


MICRODOTZ® Supreme Power Charges Miniature Explosives, Devices & Weapons Systems®


Majestone Enterprises Electric Reactive Kinetic Stunning Immobilizer Weapon®


TELEHACK-UT606® MAJICPHONE® C.A.S.H.® Computer Operations Inteliceptor Hackers UT-606 Interface Unit®


The Majestone Christensen Octavian Personal Intelligence Database Universal Being Identification, Intervention & Enemy Elimination Octavian Enterprises® P.I.D. Universal Intervention & Weapons Activation Systems Fleet®


Majestone & Urantia Universal Military & Police Forces TRAILBLAZER10® Multiple Round Delay Smart Weapons® are capable of destroying 10 targets simultaneously or the trailing 9 rounds can wait for assessment details to seek & destroying remaining targets or upcoming enemies at any time and in any place.


Majestone Super Master Universe Interstellar & Inter-Universal Space Communications Relay Transceivers & Automated Space Craft Patterned According To MCOMS Specialized Features.


Digital Energy Analog Machine Gun System Anti-A.I. Weapon Made by “Majestone” & produced by the Majestone Enterprises, Inc. Analog to Digital & Digital to Analog Converter Multi-Fire Automatic Weapons Systems.


Majestone Electronic Radio & Digital Communications Weapons Destroyer EX -16A (Attack) Crafts are specifically created for electronic warfare to disable analog & digital radio communications and weapons guidance systems. Any type of electronics are their main target potential.


Majestone Universal Military Attack/Fighter/Bomber Super Wing Air Force Destroyer Crafts & Space Ships. These PREYLON® Air & Space Crafts are outfitted with most powerful weapons known in the universe!!

PREYLON-F17®s are special fighter crafts, etc.

PREYLON-A21®s are special attack crafts, etc.

PREYLON-B38®s are special bomber crafts, etc.

PREYLON-R72®s are special reconnaissance combination crafts, etc.


These special designer craft are custom ordered ships that have triple velocity and maneuverability with combination reconnaissance, bomber, attack & fighter features making them the most powerful new crafts we have ever developed for our new Navy, Air & Space Forces. *We also have created a brand new immense factory where all the parts are made in one area and assembled in the same plant.


Submersible Air & Space Crafts outfitted with most powerful weapons created!!


Inter-Galactic Universal Military Air & Space Dominator Crafts which can operate under water also and outfitted with most powerful weapons attainable in all reality!!


These very powerful missiles are specially created for the PREYLON-F17®s and other Military Air & Space crafts. SEEKER-TREYLON® Missiles can destroy multiple targets at once. *These missiles are named after one of my sons!!

EPRZ11s -

Specially created “Electro-Plates” that are planted where an enemy would walk and when activated it electrocutes the subject.


By MAJICPHONE® are specially designed MCOMS® units used by UNITELL® agents & U.P.F. officers as well as U.U.M. soldiers. They have the ability to seek, locate, identify & analyze enemies. They also then can trigger our weapons & weapons systems to destroy these enemy targets.


Using Majicphone’s Teleceptor - computer interface code generator internet accessing mobile phone units Headquartered in a new 3D Cyber Situation Room – Hacker Control Center, our new Majichackers units will plant over-controlling command systems into the military, government, law enforcement, corporate, financial & criminal computer systems of all countries, nations, systems and languages of Urantia. Effective immediately.

MDS88Xs –

Morontia Dagger Sword 8” to 16” Deluxe Death Makers.

SA10XLs -

These are specially configured SA10s that emit an indefinite stream of energy instead of a short burst or pulse.

SA10s -

Our (Small Arms) pistol/rifle has some interesting features:

Power Ranges - Low, Medium & High

Distance - 1 through 10 miles (+ 0 - 1 Micro Adjustment)

Array Attunement - Narrow, Mid Sweep & Wide

Emission Type - Neuro1, Neuro2, Death1 & Death2

*With these settings SA10s can be used at close range to end a human subject's life without harming another human standing by or even touching the subject.

*These also have a Data ID Screen system where the target’s ID is entered so to verify subject to be hit.

SA10s – (Original Report)

The Transport Seraphim brought us a cache of Special Weapons, the newest advanced technology made and available. We are going to use these very powerful weapons in the Urantia Universal Military. I am ordering more of these sophisticated weapons for all of our armed forces - each of the 14,762,704,896 soldiers and the various other officers and agents will be carrying these deadly weapons. They are specifically made to immobilize and/or kill human beings. These are dual mode weapons. Mode 1 = Pistol w/4 Power Cartridges in the Handle. Mode 2 = Rifle Attachment w/12 more Power Cartridges (16 Total Power Cartridges in Mode 2) Each Power Cartridge will discharge 10,000 immobilizing emits or 1,000 deadly emits (maximum power) with variable power control. *Each (small arm) can fire an Emit (blast) every second. Each Soldier can carry 100 extra Power Cartridges on their person. Each weapon has up to a 10 mile range (& radius) at full accuracy. (All Power Cartridges are re-chargeable). *After further testing of our weapons we have discovered some interesting features of the SA10 (small arms) weapon. When the SA10 is set on *Immobilize they can take out all the electronic devices inside armaments, such as a sophisticated tank or other vehicles. They still immobilize human beings inside the tank (or vehicle) and at the same time it wipes out all the electrical devices of the target (tanks or any vehicle). This feature is so highly useful that we are incorporating this technology in our FA606 (Fully Automatic) weapons. *Also note that our MPC10s (Mini Power Canons) and our UPC1000s (Ultimate Power Canons) have these features also.

SA100s –

100 Mile Range version of the SA10 plus, more Data storage for target verification systems.

UPRXM1000s –

These *UPC1000 weaponry systems have now been converted into (Not shoulder fired) rifle units. Targets discovered on & around this sphere required more powerful hand held weapons. Such as the SA100s & now the UPRXM1000s.

FA606s -

These are Fully Automatic Rifles with Unlimited Fire Power and a Range of 8 Miles. They have 2 Power Settings: Kill & Immobilize. They are designated FA606s. I am ordering 1 Billion for the Urantia Universal Military and 1 Billion for the Universal Police Force. *FA606s are powered by PUGs (Portable Unlimited Generators) which plug into a port on the bottom of the hand grip. We also now have PCCs (Power Cartridge Clips)  that plug into the same port. PCCs hold 8 Power Cartridges and each Officer/Soldier will carry 8 PCCs on their person.

FA606Ms -

The mounted version of the FA606. This weapon will have a full 10 mile range and impact radius, a complete eye-to-target tracking system, an unlimited power source and will be mounted on a mobile carrier. *The FA606s & the FA606Ms can shoot 606 rounds per minute, about 10 rounds per second. (Incredible considering the destructive force potential of these weapons). *The Automatic Targeting Program (ATP) can be set to eliminate all programmed targets in a 10 mile radius including moving targets, such as humans, vehicles, aircraft & missiles. (Automatic Targeting Mechanisms – ATMs). I am ordering 1 Billion (1,000,000,000) FA606Ms.

UBE8 –

Universal Bullet Electric 8

27 Round Clip *Upgraded to 50 Rounds

An electrically fired morontia semi-automatic bullet pistol gun.

UBER16 –

Universal Bullet Electric Rifle 16

50 Round Clip *Upgraded to 100 Rounds

An electrically fired fully automatic morontia bullet rifle.


The U.B.E.R.32M. is a Universal (Morontia) Electric Fired Bullet Rifle (.38 Cal) Mounted with an automatic target and tracking system. It is a fully automatic weapon with bullets loaded on belts. (Belts hold 10,000 rounds each).

PUGs -

Salvington, HQ Sphere of Nebadon, has developed a portable unlimited generator that plugs into the same port of our small arms that the rifle attachment plugs into. Now we have unlimited power for our small arms. Instead of rifle attachments and extra power cartridges, they will include these portable generators and increase the load of small arms on each Transport. All of our officers and soldiers will be equipped with these unlimited generators to power their hand held weapons. *We now develop PUGs, MPC10s, SPCs, AGPMs & many other weapons and systems at the Urantia Weapons Factory.

MA-508s -

Machine guns similar to weapons used by the human mortals of this world. They are of various caliber and are primarily used in mounted deployments and utilizing our electronic type fire power.

MA-1050s -

Based on a Pistol size fully automatic .50 Ca. Machine gun with 1000 round clips but utilizing our electronic type fire power.

MA-1052s -

Based on a Pistol size fully automatic .50 Ca. Double Barrel Machine gun with 1000 round clips but utilizing our electronic type fire power.

MAR-8852s -

These fully automatic rifles have long double barrels and utilize our electronic type fire power also with an extended range.

HMC80Rs -

Hover Majestone Christensen .80 Fully Automatic Rifles (HMX80R) shoot 20 rounds per second. These are designed for spirit beings and angels to hover or fly with an aircraft and take out anyone in the cockpit so the craft must crash.


These globe shaped “Omni-Barrel” Automatic weapons have a barrel pointing out in every direction from the inner “Power Core”. They also are pre-programmed and utilize Anti-Gravity.


Anti-Gravity Omni-Target Programmed Bullets.

SEFB4s & SEFB8s -

4” & 8” Fire-Bolts. *Fire Bolts are similar to a “bolt” used by a Crossbow style weapon. However, the delivery method used are gun & rifle like arsenal. *Fire Bolts are liquid/solid fuel filled rounds with piercing tips that explode on contact & ignite the fuel simultaneously.


These are the guns, rifles, automatic rifles & machine gun arsenals used to shoot the Fire Bolts.

MAXTINCTOR-7s, 70s, 700s, & 7000s -

These weapons are based on the “Majestone Circuit” & utilize a triple dual coil attenuating/phasing & amplifying electronic emissions gun.

MPC10s -

The Nebadon Universal Military & the Urantia Universal Military are co-developing a Mini Power Canon Arsenal. These MPCs are based on our small arms weapons. They have a 10 mile range and a 10 mile impact radius. They revolve in a 360 degree circle and 280 degree sweep range. Each one has a complete tracking system with Omni Sensors and Object Lock-On. They each have an unlimited power generator. They are completely portable/mobile (complete anti-gravity - hovering capability). It has a removable propulsion system. It has 4 legs which also act as handles and can be carried by 2 soldiers. They will be deployed immediately for anti-aircraft & missile defense as well as anti-tank & vehicle obliteration.

MPC100s –

These MPCs are based on the MPC10s & SA100s features.

UPC1000s -

Power Canons have the same basic technology as our hand held weapons. Power Canons have 10 Power Levels. Level 1 has a 100 mile range (& radius) and Level 10 has a 1000 mile range (& radius). They take out anything from full armored battle tanks to the largest battle ships or aircraft carriers. With their tracking system they can take out any type of aircraft. These Power Canons on Level 10 can take out a mountain at close range. They can take out bunkers on Level 10 taking out a depth of up to 10 miles on first discharge. I, Chris Dwaine Christensen, have authorized the full manufacturing of 210 Level 1 - 10 of these Power Canons w/Tracking Systems and Generators. *Power Levels 1 - 10, Complete Tracking System & an Unlimited Generator. It rotates around, unlimited, at 360 degrees and has a 280 degree down aim turret system. It can disperse an Emit (blast) every second. It is fully programmable. It is a complete missile defense and anti-aircraft system. It can be programmed to defend the skies and destroy ground based targets simultaneously. With its Omni-Sensors, "object lock-on" and turret capabilities it can defend and destroy in an area of 2000 miles circumference. *With a 1000 mile impact radius and with a 1000 mile range and a 2000 mile circumference we can destroy a 3000 mile radius from one location. - It is completely portable. Based and deployed on an elevated site it can wipe out cities, enemy bases and marine craft armament while still eliminating aircraft and ballistic missiles. It can destroy bunkers up to 10 miles deep with one shot.

UPC8000s -

Based on the same features as the UPC1000s but, 8 times the range & power.


Proximity Sensors with Automatic Triggering Systems and Target Lock-On features.  

SPCs -

Urantia Universal Military will utilize Supreme Power Charges. These Explosive Devices range in effect and comparison from 10 Lbs. of TNT to 21,000 Tons of TNT (21 kilotons). They will be designated SPC10 – SPC42M Charges. *We now have SPC84Ms (Comparable to 42,000 Tons of TNT - 42 Kilotons) SPCs can be compared to conventional explosives. We also have specialty SPCs such as Smoke Bombs, Electrical Circuit Killers, Neuralizers, etc. We are manufacturing these SPCs right now and they will be ready to use immediately. I have order a total of 1 Billion SPC Explosive Devices.


The Majestone Digital Planting, Encircuiting, Scanning, Collecting, Disseminating, Receiving, Executing & Destroying Module Weapons Company, Incorporated


Majestone Dynamic Personal Universal Digital & Analog Computer Communications Transceiver Pods, Incorporated


Majestone Universal Emergency Portable Shelter, Aid & Communications Pods, Incorporated


Specialized SPCs for exclusive operations.


We have many ways to detonate our Supreme Power Charges (explosives).

1. Mechanical – Hand Grenades, etc. – Various SPC sizes which can be launched by hand.

2. Wireless Detonators – When these detonators are placed on an SPC they can be triggered from a far distance. (These specialty SPCs are much like plastic explosives)

3. Motion Detectors – These SPCs are detonated by physical motion and can be adjusted to sense motion at different distances.

4. Timers – SPCs equipped with a timed detonator.

5. Circuit Triggers – These detonators are triggered by electronic activity.

6. Thermal Detonators – Our temperature activated triggers can be tuned to extreme cold or high heat.

7. Light Sensors – These detonators are triggered by various frequencies of light waves (or absence of).

8. Acoustic Detonators – These are triggered by various sound levels.

9. Impact Triggers – These SPCs are mainly used on our AGPM missiles.

10. Atmospheric – These detonators are triggered by various atmospheric properties such as, any chemical of our choosing.

All of our SPCs (and every weapon we have) are made from Morontia material and can not be seen or detected by humans or any of their technology.


The smallest EPEB is able to be fired by an individual. They have the capability to burn through any material that mankind has or will ever make, including titanium, depleted uranium, etc. The weapons have duration and power settings that allow the beam to continue to disperse until it burns completely through the target. *It will burn a hole right through a tank’s armor and disable all of the systems inside. The larger base mounted EPEB burns a larger diameter hole and can be used to burn through bunkers, hideouts or underground installations (like mountains) with walls of protective shielding.  So, no one can hide underground or in a shelter. *Also, all vaults made on this planet and their contents will be made available to us with ease.  *Unlike ‘Plasma Torches’ our EPEBS/EPEBM weapons can shoot the beam through incredibly long distances. We can adjust our beams to travel from 10/100, 100/1000, 1000/10,000 and even up to 10,000/100,000 miles without degradation of energy. I have ordered 1,000,000 of each version.


Missile forms of “Burners” that are coupled with bunker destroyers. The primary “Lead” missile burns a clearance path through the depth of the target and the secondary or “Tail” missile actually delivers the eliminating SPC.


These Multi-Missiles are 8 missiles in 1. When the AGPMMXL reaches a pre-determined altitude it breaks up into 8 Missiles and are pre-programmed to destroy 8 different targets in 8 separate locations simultaneously.

SSRM6K8s -

The Urantia Universal Military will be deploying a new Rocket-Powered missile & miscellaneous weapons systems. The StarStone Rocket Mach 8 (6,000 MPH) will be used to imitate planetary human types of rockets. They can be launched from Underground, Surface, Air, Marine & Space locations.


The Urantia Universal Military will now utilize Anti-Gravity Propelled Missiles (AGPMs). We will install our SPC War Heads on these invisible and undetectable missiles. I am ordering 500 Million AGPMs. Some will be Short Range, some Mid-Range and some Long-Range. They will be manufactured and deployed immediately.

SMLs -

SMLs are portable Single Missile Launchers used primarily for launching AGPMs fitted with smaller warheads such as the SPC21Ms.


SMLs are portable Single Missile Launchers used primarily for launching AGPMs fitted with larger warheads such as the SPC42Ms, etc.

MMLs -

MMLs are portable Multiple Missile Launchers which are used for launching missiles with smaller SPC Missiles.


MMLs are portable Multiple Missile Launchers which are used for launching missiles with larger SPC Missiles.

CM-3386s -

Cranium Missiles (3” in length by .380” in diameter) are micro-missiles that penetrate the skull and lodges itself in the brains before it explodes. Also used for many other targets & structures.

PGLs -

PGLs are Portable Grenade Launchers, platform based portable launchers that use a 4.2” diameter SPC grenade called SPC42G. We can use any type of specialty SPCs in our launchers.

GLRs -

GLRs are Grenade Launching Rifles, hand held grenade launchers, that use a 2.1” diameter SPC grenade called SPC21G. We can use any type of specialty SPCs in our launchers.

SFSPC62MGLs - are new shoulder fired grenade launchers.

SFSPC84MGLs - are new shoulder fired grenade launchers.


“Machiventa Majestone Super Tanks” are Super Ultimate Power Omni Rai Tormey Battle Tanks. These tanks travel on the ground at over 100 mph & are propelled by Anti-Gravity Propulsion allowing them to fly like our other space ships. *These tanks are made out of indestructible material even to be able to withstand the heat and power of the interior of a sun.

Weaponry includes:

1 - EMOBP (1,000 Mile Electronics Killer)

1 - UPC8000

1 - UPC1000

1 - 84MBK (Mega Building Killer)

8 - .50 Caliber Machine Guns (2 per side)

4 - 1.210” Macine Guns (1 per side)

4 - 2.10” Macine Guns (1 per side)

4 - 4.20” Machine Guns (1 per side)

1 - MPC10

1 - FA606M

1 - PGL (2.10” SPCG x 2,000)

1 - PGL (4.20” SPCG x 2,000)

1 - AGPML (SPC42M x 110)

1 - AGPML (SPC84M x 110)

IX8s -

Injected SPCs AKA: Body Killers. Unkown to the enemy they are injected with an undetectable substance that causes their death after hours pass.


Odorless lethal substance deployed by rifle type & various other weaponry.


Odorless sleeping agents deployed by various methods.

Majestone Variable Displacement Field (MVDF8s) -

5-2-2013 3:44 AM MST USA SLC, UT - Planetary Prince HQ - I have invented and co-invented the Majestone Variable Displacement Field. It is invisible (camouflaged) to human beings and therefore can be used to remove specific individuals or groups from this planet or area to another. The Majestone Variable Displacement Field & Generator is developed at the Urantia Weapons Factory and the Majestone Manufacturing Company and each device is assembled at the Urantia Weapons Assembly Plant. Copyright ©2013 Chris Dwaine Christensen Owner, Creator & Inventor May 2nd, 2013 USA - Urantia (Earth)

Zepitron Matrix® ZM-EOX-A16 -

Enemy Elimination Plates Controlled by the Sequestrator® Operating System

Majestone Displacement Rifle (MDR7s) -

A hand held rifle version displacement weapon used to remove one or more individual human targets from this world to another pre-designated location.

UltraSwords -

These living spirit beings are actual and real living swords. These UltraSwords are the sharpest two-edge swords ever created. There are 8,000,000,000 (8 Billion) stationed here on Urantia (earth).

Nebadon Technical Standards -

Humans may be curious about the voltage, amperage and wattage (Giga-Watts) that we incorporate in our weapons technology. Though I cannot reveal detailed descriptions of our weapons technology, I can say that the Power, Force and Intensity of these weapons are beyond the understanding and capabilities of human mortals. But, I will add that the "barrel" of each weapon acts as an accelerator. Beginning from the base of the barrel, the force and power is increased in intensity until it reaches the end of the barrel where it attains it's maximum power upon dispersement. The destructive force of these weapons is so great that we will not allow the warmongers of earth (Urantia) to know this technology.

Urantia Weapons Factory *(Majestone Weapons factory)

4-9-2013 I am transferring 2 Hosts (5,971,968 Pairs - 11,943,936 Individuals) of Personnel to work in the Urantia Weapons Factory.

4-17-2013 We are now recruiting 2 more Hosts (5,971,968 Pairs) (11,943,936 Individuals) to make SA10s and accessories. We now have a total of 4 Hosts which is a total of 23,887,872 individual workers.

*Majestone Manufacturing Company is now also making parts on Contract.

Majestone Manufacturing Company

Chris Dwaine Christensen – Owner Michael Steven Christensen – General Manager

4-17-2013 Majestone Manufacturing Company is now making parts for the Urantia Universal Military. We are contracted by the Urantia Weapons Factory. We are employing 2 Hosts (5,971,968 Pairs) (11,943,936 Individuals) of workers.

*There are now a total of 35,831,808 individuals making weapons for the Urantia Universal Military & the Universal Police Force.

Urantia Weapons Assembly Plant

4-29-2013 I am now establishing the Urantia Weapons Assembly Plant and I am dedicating 2 Hosts of Angels to be employed at this facility. 5,971,968 Pairs (11,943,936 individuals) are now to be assigned to assemble weapons produced jointly by the Urantia Weapons Factory and the Majestone Manufacturing Company. Majestone Diamond Christensen is the Director and the Co-Director will be the current supervisor of weapons assembly at the Urantia Weapons Factory.

*All weapons and weapons technologies utilized by the Universal Police Forces & Universal Military Forces are owned by me and are only on loan as they are distributed to our Officers and Soldiers – Chris Dwaine Christensen, President of Majestone Enterprises.

Copyright ©2015 Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone Copyright ©2015 Christ Michael

<100% Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen January 25th, 2017 UrantiaNet SEQUESTRATOR Operating System Weapon Majestone Christ Michael UniversalPoliceForce.Com Majestone Enterprises Childreamia>
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Weapons Inventory Update for February 6th, 2017

WEAPON® 62-008100 - *One Revealed*

DPXZ008® *Unrevealed Quantity*

Zepitron Matrix® ZM-EOX-A16 - 2112 Quadrillion

MAJICR.O.C.K.BAND® - 21,000,000,000

SKYGUNS®s - 1,962,008,100,618

MICRODOTZ®s - 86,606,111,212,112

ELECTREK-709®s - 926,000,000,000

TELEHACK-UT606®s - 86,000,000,000

OCTAVIAN888®s - 62,000,000,000

TRAILBLAZER10s - 62,000,000,000

MUSCRATS-62s - 62,000,000,000

DEA-16s - 86,606,111,212,112

SA10s - 37,000,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 77,000,000,000

SA100s - 400,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 40,400,000,000

UPRXM1000s - 400,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 40,400,000,000

FA606s - 200,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 40,200,000,000

FA606Ms - 189,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 40,189,000,000

MPC100s - 100,000,000 + 400,000,000 = 500,000,000

MPC10s - 150,300 + 400,000,000 = 400,150,300

UPC1000s - 63 + 40,000,000 = 40,000,063

UPC8000s - 1,000,000 + 41,000,000

MDS88Xs - 62,000,000,000

SSRM6K8s - 8,000,000,000

PSATSs - 100,000,000,000

MA-508s - 100,001,001

MA-1050s - 500,000,000

MA-1052s - 500,000,000

MAR-8852s - 1,000,000,000

MDR7s - 62,000,000,000

MVDF8s - 62,000,000,000

UBER32Ms - 30,000,000

UBE16s - 30,000,000

UBE8s -30,000,000

84MBKs - 500,000,000

EMOBPs - 500,000,000

EPRZ11s - 62,000,000,000

MAR-8852s - 62,000,000,000

HMC80Rs - 62,000,000,000

AGOMITPBs - 62,000,000,000

CMO360Z-8*s - 62,000,000,000

PREYLON-F17®s - 10,000,000

PREYLON-A21®s - 10000,000

PREYLON-B38®s - 10,000,000

PREYLON-R72®s - 10,000,000

PREYLON-Z28®s - 38,000,000

OCTISCIENE-YZX28®s - 10,000,000

OCTRASCIENE-MQR62®s - 12,000,000

SEEKER-TREYLON®s - 606,000,000,000

SMLs - 250,000,000 + 10,000,000,000 = 10,250,000,000

MMLs - 250,000,000 + 10,000,000,000 = 10,250,000,000

SMLXs - 250,000,000 + 10,000,000,000 = 10,250,000,000

MMLXs - 250,000,000 + 10,000,000,000 = 10,250,000,000

AGPMMXLs - 10,000,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 50,000,000,000

AGPMs - 514,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 80,514,000,000

SPC21Ms - 1,000,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 81,000,000,000

SPC42Ms - 1,000,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 81,000,000,000

SPC84Ms - 510,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 80,510,000,000

SPC84Gs - 480,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 80,480,000,000

SPC42Gs - 510,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 80,510,000,000

SPC21Gs - 510,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 80,510,000,000

PGLs - 234,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 40,234,000,000

GLRs - 234,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 40,234,000,000

SPCs - 404,629,000,000 + 201,371,000,000 = 606,000,000,000

DREDPODS (SPCDPs) - 26,000,100 + 40,000,000 = 66,000,100

DIGIPODS - 26,000,000 + 40,000,000 = 66,000,000

EPODS - 26,000,000 + 40,000,000 = 66,000,000

UNIPODS - 5,000,000 + 40,000,000 = 45,000,000

MICROPODS - 400,000,000 + 40,000,000 = 440,000,000

FIREPODS - 400,000,000 + 40,000,000 = 440,000,000

AGPM-SFLs - 288,600 + 40,000,000 = 40,288,600

SFSPC84MGLs - 100,000,000

SFSPC62MGLs - 100,000,000

SPC84Gs - 100,000,000,000

SPC62Gs - 100,000,000,000

UPC1000SFs - 288,600

MEPEBs - 1,000,000,000

SEFB4s - 1,000,000,000,000

SEFB8s - 1,000,000,000,000

SEFBMM8s - 1,000,000,000

SEFBMM4s - 1,000,000,000

FBRA8s - 1,000,000,000

FBRA4s - 1,000,000,000

FBG4s - 1,000,000,000

EPEBSs - 1,000,000

EPEBMs - 1,000,000

CM-3386s - 62,000,000,000

TELECEPTORS® - 62,000,000,000

MAXTINCTOR-7s - 8,000,000,000

MAXTINCTOR-70s - 8,000,000,000

MAXTINCTOR-700s - 8,000,000,000

MAXTINCTOR-7000s - 8,000,000,000

SUPOR-T24 (Super Ultimate Battle Tanks) - 100,016

Copyright© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright© 2016 Christ Michael

Copyright© 2016 Majestone

Copyright© 2016 Weapon

Chris Dwaine Christensen Weapon Majestone Christ Michael *Creator, Owner, Operator, Supreme Chief, Captain, M21 Majestone Mobile Gun Systems Master Gunner, Command Chief Master Sergeant & 888 Star Supreme Ultimate Absolute Master Commander General Absolute

The Majestone Universal Stock Market Corporation®

The MUSM® Report

Late IPO 1-29-17 at 1:44 PM

1277. WEAPONPEIRCERPENETRATOR® Weapon Christensen Dwaine Personal Computer Soldier Offensive Guard Administration Ultimate Full Peirce Penetrator Manufacturing Company®, Incorporated IPO 1-29-17 for $1,216,219,621,216,196,212,161,962,618 PVC$ Per Share.

50% Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen Also Doing Business As; “WeaponPC®”

50% Owned by Thought Adjuster Rasha Weapon® *The Universal Father®

62% is held by the Owners.

38% of Holdings is Offered.

IPO 1-29-17 for $1,216,219,621,216,196,212,161,962,618 PVC$ Per Share.

I am depositing $1,216,219,621,216,196,212,161,962,618 Centillion Centillion PVC$ into the WEAPONPEIRCERPENETRATOR®, Inc. account.

We order 1,216,219,621,216,196,212,161,962,618 Centillion Centillion shares of the WEAPONPEIRCERPENETRATOR® Corporation.


Copyright© 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen®

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The Majestone Universal Stock Market Corporation®

The MUSM® Report

IPO 2-21-17 at 6:00 AM

1286. CHRISDWAINECHRISTENSENESTATES® Chris Dwaine Christensen Private Estate Properties & Monetary Finances – Urantia earth Sovereign Owner Ruler & Paradise Prince of Peace®, Incorporated IPO 2-21-17 for $62,112,196,212,860 PVC$ Per Share.

100% Owned by Chris Dwaine Christensen (Majestone® Weapon®)

55% is held by the Owner.

45% of Holdings is Offered.

IPO 2-21-17 for $62,112,196,212,860 PVC$ Per Share.

I am depositing $6,216,219,621,216,196,212,161,962,618 Centillion Centillion PVC$ into the CHRISDWAINECHRISTENSENESTATES®, Inc. account.

We order 6,216,219,621,216,196,212,161,962,618 Centillion Centillion shares of the CHRISDWAINECHRISTENSENESTATES® Corporation.

210 South Rio Grande Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 U.S.A. Urantia Earth


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Creator Son Children – Special Forces

I am Christ Michael, Chris Dwaine Christensen, Creator Son (Master Son, Sovereign of Nebadon). Take note of the parentage of my children (Special Forces):

1,080,112 – Creator Son

9,514 – Creator Son & Creator Son’s Children

1,002,691 – Creator Son & The Universal Father

1,714,100 – Creator Son & The Eternal Mother Son

21,200 – Creator Son & The Infinite Spirit

6,090,689 – Creator Son & The Divine Minister (Holy Spirit)

215,888 – Creator Son & The Supreme Being

888 – Creator Son & Divine Counselor

1,000,000 – Creator Son & Special Paradise Angel

12,000 – Creator Son & Special Paradise Angel

4,800 – Creator Son & Melchizedek

3,000 – Creator Son & Primary Supernaphim

201,000 – Creator Son & Solitary Messenger

1,122 Creator Son & Transport Seraphim

27,922 – Creator Son & Seraphim

611,122 - Creator Son & Seraphim’s Child with Creator Son

905 – Creator Son & Cherubim/Sanobim

400 – Creator Son & Primary Midwayer

1,522 – Creator Son & Secondary Midwayer

1,222 – Creator Son & Son Fused

1,222 – Creator Son & Spirit Fused

1,344 – Creator Son & Ascendant Daughter Spirit

200 – Creator Son & Uversa (Superuniverse) Personality

2,400 – Creator Son & Material Son (Material Daughter - Eve Dreamascia Christensen)

1,200 – Creator Son & Material Son (Material Son – Adam (Adamea) Velocity Christensen

3 - Trinity Origin Children remains mysteries unexacted.

12,000,000 – Promise Children (*May 18th, 2014)

Total Children = 12,006,464 + 12,000,000 = 24,006,464 + 24,006,464 (Other Family Members) = 48,012,928 Total Majestone Divine Family Members

(62,000,000,000 Total Urantia Staff Members)

*Revised 4-10-16 **Many other spirit children have been born since December 2015 but our family have chosen to keep these revelations unpublished.

(12,006,464 + 76,005,778 Previously Unannounced)

***88,012,242 Total Children as of 5-5-2016***

176,024,484 Total Divine Family Members